Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Decor and Lighting Affect Your Day?

When you scrolled down and looked at the above pictures, how did they make you feel?
I am sure you can see very clearly from the pictures above that decor and lighting affect your day in every way, shape and form! Decor and lighting are the first things we notice that begin to touch our senses and draw us in to a wedding or event. It's what makes us become a part of the celebration by transporting us to another place and time. It's those first moments our guests are full of anticipation about what they will see and hear.

I had the pleasure of encountering the affects of lighting and decor at a recent NACE meeting (National Association of Catering Executives) at the Crowne Plaze in Tampa. The room was transformed into two different settings that each sparked completely separate emotions. Half of the room was very simple and elegant. With a trio of floral arrangements on the table, each table was decorated the same with crushed romance satin linen in lime green with the matching lime green satin sash and white chair cover. With the walls draped in white fabric and an elegant amber hue of lighting, it was beautiful!

Now let's move over to the other half of the room! WOW! We see spandex EVERYWHERE! On tables, chairs, structures, and hanging from the ceiling. It was a motley of color! The flowers were bursting in shades of orange, red, yellow, hot pink, purple and green. Small pendants dangled from strands of crystals elegantly. The centerpieces were floral from top to bottom! There were even Cirque du Soleil performers! The walls were draped in alternating white and black fabric and each panel was lit with a different color. The tables each had a different color scheme but were tied together with the theme. Table menus created to match too. Every detail was united! As the guest, you were immediately engaged in this half of the room because of the performers, the lighting and the completely unique design. It was a SPECTACULAR sight!

It's amazing how these little details can transform a space from the ordinary to the extraordinary with just a couple of additional elements. These ideas are easy to achieve for every event! It is a matter of properly uniting these ideas and pulling everything together. This is something we as your wedding planner can help you do! We love to tie everything together and deliver the wedding day of your dreams! So keep some of these ideas in mind when you begin planning your special day! The affects will be well worth it!

Many thanks to Jeff Kathrein with K&K Photography for sharing these photos of the NACE event with us! If you like these photos, check out Jeff's website at!
Many thanks to Concept Bait for their continued success to make every event EXTRAORDINARY! Check out their website at!
Bay Stage Lighting for their fabulous LED lights! It was amazing! You can find them at!

Thanks to NACE for being an organization that aims higher and inspires us all to do the same!
Please leave some feedback and let us know what you think and if we have inspired you in anyway!

Fourth of July is Already Over!

I can't believe that the 4th of July is already over and the year 2009 is more than half way through! The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holiday's because it is a great time for family and friends and of course, FIREWORKS! Nothing says a celebration quite like fireworks!

Speaking of FIREWORKS, did any of you have any special fireworks with an engagement ring this 4th of July? If you did, we would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment and share your engagement story with us from this 4th of July! We would love to hear about it!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you! It's Amazing How 2 Little Words Can Mean So Much!

This is what means the most to me when everything is said and done! Thank you to my wonderful clients! These comments were posted on my Facebook account and I just thought I would share them!

"Cindy - THANK YOU. It was a fabulous, amazing, gorgeous wedding and would not have happened without your hard work, unbelievable attention to detail and organizational skills to keep a diverse group of Hispanics and Jews on task." ~ Noami Brooks (mother of groom)

"YOU ARE THE BEST CINDY!!! :o)" ~ Kim Brooks (Bride)

"Ditto, Cindy, you are fantastic." ~ Naomi Brooks (mother of groom)

"Kim and Joe's wedding day was so perfect its been over a month ago and I still can get away from my everyday life just by thinking about the weekend and how wonderful you were and how I didn't have to worry about a thing." ~ Naomi Brooks (mother of groom)

Mr. and Mrs. Black Video Debut!

Thanks to our friends at Tampa Wonderworks Film and Video (, we can share not only pictures from this wedding but a video highlight that captures the emotions of the day! Video allows you to relive one of the most precious days over and over again! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Black!