Sunday, September 19, 2010

SEMI PLANNER PICK ~ Gorgeous Wedding Shoes

If you are searching for the perfect wedding shoe for you and your bridesmaids, visit, an online wedding shoe resource. With hundreds of styles to choose from, you can easily navigate through the website by heel size, color or style. It is a super user friendly site with LOTS of GORGEOUS wedding shoes! Have fun shoe shopping!



Monday, September 13, 2010

SEMI PLANNER TIPS ~ Meeting with your Florist? Ask yourself these questions first!

Must-Ask Questions to Ask (Yourself) before Hiring a Florist

When you are ready to sit down and meet with your florist, you may be thinking what questions should I ask the florist before I hire them. However, I am going to tell you what you should be asking yourself before you sit down with your florist. There are some key elements that you should be thinking about that will affect the overall feeling you are trying to create for your wedding day. You will be flooded with ideas and exciting things that you will want to share with your florist. But if you invest a little time before your meeting, it will be more productive and you will walk away feeling like you created exactly what you wanted for your wedding day. Here are SEMI's Must-Ask Questions to ask yourself before hiring a florist:

How do I want my wedding to look and feel? You will want to have a few words picked out to describe the overall feeling of how you want your wedding day to feel because your flower selections will depend on the mood you are trying to create. For example, a more traditional wedding will most certainly have roses where a more modern chic wedding will have more calla lilies and orchids.

What type of flowers do I love? By asking yourself what flowers do you love, only means to take notice of the types of flowers you like. Naturally, we don’t expect you to know the names of all of the flowers, your florist can help you with that. If you take a few moments to clip magazines or browse the internet for photos of flowers that stand out the most to you this will help your florist have a better understanding of your style and tastes. Which ultimately will help bring you one step closer to creating the wedding you always envisioned or just begun!

What colors do I see for my flowers? Do you like bright bold colors for a bridal bouquet or soft pale colors for your flowers? When selecting the colors for your flowers, your florist will be able to show you flowers in your colors that are available and in season at that time of year. Plus, your color choices reflect the overall look and feel for your wedding, which goes back to the question how do you want your wedding to look and feel for the day?

How many people in my bridal party and family members will need flowers on the day of the wedding? When you sit down with your florist, this is one of the beginning questions they will ask you. You will need your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, flower girls, ring-bearers, groomsmen boutonnieres, groom’s boutonniere, flowers for parents, step parents, grandparents, god parents, officiant and any other members of the family that you may want to honor with flowers. This is important because this number can greatly affect the cost of the flowers.

What type of bouquet do you want for your wedding? When we ask what type of bouquet do you want for your wedding, we want to know do you like a hand-tied round bouquet, a cascade of flowers or a pomander (kissing ball)? The florist will want to know what type of wedding dress you are wearing so that your flowers will compliment your dress and not take away from the beauty of it.

How much do you want to spend? This is a critical question because this number will affect what your florist can do for you realistically. Because flowers are such a significant part of your wedding day, we recommend that you spend at least eight to ten percent of your budget on flowers. They will be seen in many photographs and enjoyed by all of your guests. Plus, you can take them with you at the end of the day. :)